How Do You Reduce the Racial Inequality Gap?

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I was listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History Season 2 episode 3, Miss Buchanan's Period Of Adjustment, which is about school integration, when a few thoughts stuck with me. Who were the people that objected to their schools becoming integrated? Who were those people in those black and white photos standing outside of schools … Continue reading How Do You Reduce the Racial Inequality Gap?


Cultural Evolution

The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection We think that we have a decent understanding of how biology evolves over time. A certain group, a certain population, has a set of traits. With each successive generation, new traits will appear due to random genetic mutations. If these gene mutations result in traits that make the … Continue reading Cultural Evolution

Why are there different Hair Textures?

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For years characteristics that are strongly associated with “blackness” such as thick lips, wide noses, dark skin, and curly or kinky hair were associated with inferiority. These were touted as evidence that these people were closer to lower animals, even considered subhuman, than their often lighter hued counterparts. Today, there seems to be an emerging … Continue reading Why are there different Hair Textures?

Quantum Prayers and Origins of Coincidences

Two quick thoughts. Just humor me. Quantum Prayers First, assume that prayers and wishes are fulfilled occasionally. Second, only consider prayers and wishes that have a low probability of occurring. Third, as a rational thinker, believe that the universe is logical and governed by predictable laws and measurable phenomena. Fourth, believe that most phenomena have … Continue reading Quantum Prayers and Origins of Coincidences