New Blogging Game Plan: How I Might Make the Sausage

typing, writing, planning

I am thinking about trying something different. Ideally, I would like some of my posts to be long finished pieces. This mostly applies to posts in which I have done some research . Part of this reasoning is I don’t want to publish posts with unanswered questions that do already have answers. It feels lazy. … Continue reading New Blogging Game Plan: How I Might Make the Sausage


A Slight Interruption

I go to the gym on occasion. Not too long ago, the gym was temporarily closing early. I would have felt rushed if I attempted to go the gym after work during this temporary change of schedule. Therefore, I went to the gym during lunch or actually more like I would have an extended lunch … Continue reading A Slight Interruption

Stumbling Upon CNN Commentator Angela Rye

Power 105.1, CNN commentator

Recently, I was typing up some notes that I had written previously. Because this task didn’t require much mental processing power, I figured I would listen to something while I worked. Rather than reaching for my iPod I chose to see what was on YouTube. I fumbled around for a bit, but ultimately ended up … Continue reading Stumbling Upon CNN Commentator Angela Rye

Their Eyes were upon me: Learning of Nephilim

Shooting Star, Starry night

Several months ago I watched a preacher deliver a sermon. One thing that stuck out to me about this particular sermon was the story of how angels found human women so beautiful that they came to Earth and impregnated them. Their offspring would eventually become known as the “great men of old” and they are … Continue reading Their Eyes were upon me: Learning of Nephilim

A Universal Thing: Dodgeball

Soccer Ball, Kid, Play

I don’t know what made me think about it, but I couldn’t help but remember the game of dodgeball from my elementary school days. In elementary school, we used to play dodgeball during recess and sometimes during the afterschool program. I used to play this game often. Two kids stood on opposite ends of a … Continue reading A Universal Thing: Dodgeball

Should I Use Social Media More?

I am not very involved in social media. I only have one social media account, not counting Myspace. Within the last 3-4 years I have dramatically reduced my involvement on my one account, although I admit to viewing what other people have posted nearly daily. I think there are several reasons that I have done … Continue reading Should I Use Social Media More?