Music Video A Hitman’s Decision: Hitman by Kevin MacLeod


I think I was listening to several songs by Kevin MacLeod when I heard this song. It’s definitely cinematic sounding so, I’m sure I figured I would make a video for it. I found some videos that dealt with hitmen or secret agents or something similar and found one that I liked and could use. The original video is a short film called Memories of a Hitman by Sebastian Vuye. It has played at several film festivals and I’m sure it did well.

In the version of the video that I basically edited, a professional hitman faces the one hit that makes him question his profession. His final decision is not without consequences though.

Video contains images that may be disturbing.

Click the link below to view the original full-length short film.

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Memories of a Hitman by Sebastian Vuye via Vimeo, CC-BY

Director-Sebastian Vuye
1st Assistant Director-Maxim Vincent
Colorist-Juan Melara
Camera Operator- Wannes De Houwer


Hitman Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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