Why are there different Hair Textures?

afro, curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair

For years characteristics that are strongly associated with “blackness” such as thick lips, wide noses, dark skin, and curly or kinky hair were associated with inferiority. These were touted as evidence that these people were closer to lower animals, even considered subhuman, than their often lighter hued counterparts. Today, there seems to be an emerging … Continue reading Why are there different Hair Textures?


The Stuff of Champions

This is another video I created inspired by the music of Kevin MacLeod. The music was fast and hard hitting. Therefore, I felt that a physically demanding visual representation would be appropriate. The following video is what emerged from the melding of two mediums. https://youtu.be/URl0T1AxZi4 All clips were taken from videos provided in the public domain: … Continue reading The Stuff of Champions