Scientific Resources

There are two tragedies of the well-documented surplus of Ph.D. graduates in the STEM fields. They are almost two sides of the same coin. One, there are not enough STEM jobs available for Ph.D. graduates.  Many who have earned their Ph.D.s leave their respective fields because they cannot find suitable jobs. Two, we are potentially … Continue reading Scientific Resources


Humanity’s Responsibility


From the time that non-hominids first evolved into modern humans, we have continuously progressed in many aspects of life. We have increased our amount of knowledge, we have evolved culturally, and we have improved our technology. Unfortunately though, our accumulation of knowledge has often outpaced our application of it. Can you remember instances in which … Continue reading Humanity’s Responsibility

A Universal Thing: Dodgeball

Soccer Ball, Kid, Play

I don’t know what made me think about it, but I couldn’t help but remember the game of dodgeball from my elementary school days. In elementary school, we used to play dodgeball during recess and sometimes during the afterschool program. I used to play this game often. Two kids stood on opposite ends of a … Continue reading A Universal Thing: Dodgeball