Review of Christine by Stephen King

Why I Chose this Book “l remember reading somewhere - and I can't remember who said it, or wrote it, for the life of me - that there are ‘times’ in human existence. That when it came to be steam-engine time’, a dozen men invented steam engines. Maybe only one man got the patent, or … Continue reading Review of Christine by Stephen King


Cosmic Radiation and Evolution

Space, Cave, Sky, hole, night

Elements Extending deep into the earth a cavernous lair exists. Within this hole, no sound can be heard as in the corners of space. Within this hole, one is shielded from the millions of cosmic particles that bombard the planet every day including the human body. This geoasylum exists in the side of a mountain … Continue reading Cosmic Radiation and Evolution

Why I Started Reading Stephen King Books

Stephen King, On Writing, Memoir

Who hasn’t heard of Stephen King? I had never read any of King’s books, but I knew he wrote horror stories and people liked them. I would later be impressed by both how many of his books were made into movies and by recognizing ones I had already seen or were at least aware of. … Continue reading Why I Started Reading Stephen King Books

Should I Use Social Media More?

I am not very involved in social media. I only have one social media account, not counting Myspace. Within the last 3-4 years I have dramatically reduced my involvement on my one account, although I admit to viewing what other people have posted nearly daily. I think there are several reasons that I have done … Continue reading Should I Use Social Media More?